When someone gives you the keys to your new home, it rarely comes with a manual or resource for troubleshooting all the little issues you might face. That’s where the internet can help. When it comes to issues with your heating and cooling, here are just a few of the most common frequently asked ductless heat pump questions we’ve heard over the years, along with our advice.

Do I Really Need Maintenance And How Often?

The simple answer here is yes. You do need maintenance. Book a technician no more than once every year or two based on how often you use your heat pump.

Frequently Asked Ductless Heat Pump Questions:

Is There Any Maintenance I Should Be Doing?

Yes. We’ve compiled a list of 3-4 basic things you can be doing during the year to get the most out of your heat pump. From basic things like keeping the indoor and outdoor units free from blockages to more hands-on maintenance like cleaning your air filter every couple of months or thawing any ice build-up, you can view these in a previous blog or give us a call.

Frequently Asked Ductless Heat Pump Questions:

Is 1 Ductless Heat Pump Enough For My Home?

The answer here comes down to what your needs are. Larger homes often need more than 1 indoor unit to distribute warm or cool air. Average sized homes can be quite comfortable with a single well-placed unit that keeps you comfortable year-round.

Frequently Asked Ductless Heat Pump Questions:

Should I Switch To A Ductless Heat Pump?

This again is based on your needs. Older homes with established ductwork for a furnace or baseboards for a boiler can be compatible with a heat pump. Heat pumps are great to give you that bit of a boost on, especially hot or cold days. Also, if there is a common area of your home that is cooler or warmer than others, placing a heat pump there could help regulate that room and give your central system a break.

Rather than heat or cool the entire home, heat pumps work by concentrating on a given area of the home. Smaller homes might place them in an open living room to distribute heating and cooling to the rest of the house, while larger homes might use a heat pump to regulate a specific room. It’s all up to you!

Frequently Asked Heat Pump Questions:

Are Ductless Heat Pumps Really Quieter?

Yes, they are. Unlike a furnace that might sound prominent as it turns on and pushes air throughout your home, a heat pump is noticeably quieter. It doesn’t need to run as hard as a furnace since it only works to heat or cool a given area. Often, homeowners will have it installed right outside a living room without ever needing to adjust the volume on their TV when relaxing.

Didn’t Find The Answer In Our Frequently Asked Ductless Heat Pump Questions?

No problem, just give our experts a call at 416-921-0000. We have more than 30 years of experience, so diagnosing an issue over the phone or dispatching a technician won’t be a problem.

Your home is your sanctuary and that should mean peace and quiet. However, some air conditioning or heating can be quite loud and borderline obnoxious. So what do you do? When the time comes to find a replacement, consider quiet heating and cooling options like ductless heat pumps.

Built For Silence: Quiet Heating And Cooling

Ductless heat pumps go by a few different names including mini-split and ductless heating and cooling. They are designed to be quiet, both inside and out. They consist of only a few main components: an indoor unit and an outdoor compressor.

The indoor unit is subtle in its design and is usually placed in a common part of the home. Living rooms, bedrooms, and sometimes hallways are good spots but it does depend on the layout of your home. A professional should be able to make recommendations on the best spot to install this quiet heating and cooling option based on your needs. Often one or two indoor units are enough to comfortably heat or cool your living space. The best part is, you’ll forget that it’s on. So no turning up the volume on the TV or raising your voice mid-conversation. Just sit back and enjoy a warm house in the winter and cool one in the summer.

The outdoor compressor can run up to 3 indoor units. You’d think that this means more power and noise, but it’s actually the opposite. An outdoor compressor can be installed just on the other side of a window because of how quiet it can be. That means you can sleep soundly at night without the roaring of an air conditioner or furnace.

Leave The Installation Of Your Quiet Heating And Cooling To The Professionals

At Novel Care, we’ve been helping Toronto and the GTA with their quiet heating and cooling options for more than 30 years now. The biggest problem we face is when a homeowner hired the wrong person to handle the initial installation. Poorly installed units create all sorts of issues that can shave years off a brand new ductless heat pump. We always recommend calling a professional to help. Give us a call at 416-921-0000 to get started. Our dedicated team will take the time to answer questions and dispatch a professional to assess your home before making recommendations. We want you to feel comfortable and find the right, quiet, heating and cooling solution you need.

Space and cost are always concerns for any homeowner in Toronto and the GTA. Between energy bills, Internet, phone, and other expenses, it can be hard to stay afloat. If you’re thinking about switching up how your home is heated in an effort to save money, then you may be onto something.

Heat Pumps In Toronto Make Sense

With more and more condos being established, not to mention older homes being used by multiple tenants, using heat pumps in Toronto can be a great way to cut down on energy costs. You see, heat pumps are known for their energy efficiency and spot cooling effects. They pull air in from outside, condense it, and distribute it indoors to either heat or cool a given area of a home. This controls energy costs since every room in the home isn’t being heated or cooled.

If you have an older home that may not have the necessary ductwork for a furnace or central air conditioning unit, this would be a great solution. The installation alone would be much more affordable than the alternative, not to mention the savings in energy each month. When paired with a well insulated home, heat pumps in Toronto can be the best investment for heating and cooling your space.

Novel Care Installs, Maintains, And Repairs Heat Pumps In Toronto

Handling heat pumps in Toronto and the GTA efficiently is why Novel Care has been established as a trusted HVAC establishment for more than 30 years now. Our technicians have seen it all, so rest assured we’ve got the experience to handle repairs, installations and regular maintenance. We’re even available for emergency calls, so you never have to worry when things stop working in the middle of the night. Just call 416-921-0000 and someone will gladly be there to ask the right questions and dispatch someone as quick as possible (usually within hours in emergency scenarios). Once dispatched, a technician can assess the situation, and provide you with suitable recommendations, as well as answer any questions you have to ensure you’re fully informed before making a decision. After all, you should feel confident in your next move when it comes to your HVAC needs. Give us a call today and let’s work together to see if heat pumps in Toronto really is the best option for your home’s heating and cooling needs.